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If you're an endorsed Which? Trusted Trader and you know, or work with, other brilliant traders in the home improvement or motor repair sector, then we'd love to know about them.


To make a recommendation...

1. Check with the trader that they're happy to be referrer

2. Complete and submit the form below

We will give them a call to see if they would like to go through the assessment

If they pass and become endorsed, they'll receive their first six months endorsement fee at 50% off and so will you!*

Terms and conditions apply.

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Terms and Conditions

1) This offer is open to endorsed Which? Trusted Traders with no more than 19 employees, who have signed the Which? Trusted Trader Agreement (the Agreement), are up to date with all payments due under the Agreement.

2) To qualify for this offer, you need to provide the details specified in section 2 and the trader you recommend must have no more than 19 employees.

3) To recommend a trader (the “Recommended Trader”) we will need the trader’s name and telephone number. By providing us with a Recommended Trader's personal details you are confirming that you have obtained their consent for us to use those details to contact them in relation to this offer. We will only use these details in conjunction with this offer. Please note that if you recommend a trader, you will be stated as the person who has made the recommendation when we contact the Recommended Trader.

4) Provided that the Recommended Trader passes our assessment and joins the Which? Trusted Traders scheme  (and has no more than 19 employees), you will receive six months of your Which? Trusted Traders membership (“Membership”) at a 50% discount. If you pay for your Membership monthly you will receive the next six months at 50% discount except where there is insufficient time for us to stop your next payment being taken - in these circumstances you will receive the discount from the month following. If you pay annually we will provide you with a refund equal to three month’s payment.

6) Which? Trusted Traders reserves the right to withdraw this offer from any trader if we (a) suspect that the terms of this offer are being abused; (b) terminate their Agreement; (c) temporarily suspend the licence granted to them for use of the Which? Trusted Trader logo; and/or (d) suspend any of the services provided to them under the terms of the Agreement

7) This offer may be withdrawn at any time.

8) Fair usage applies

9) Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Which? Trusted Traders is a trading name of Which? Limited, with company no 677665 and registered address at 2 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 4DF.

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