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Show you mean business

Millions of people trust Which? – when they see our endorsement logo on products and services they use it to make better buying decisions. Same with you – when they see you displaying our logo they’ll know you’re a trader they can choose with confidence.

Code Of Conduct Be rigorously assessed With its comprehensive financial, behavioural, competency and reference checks, our assessment asks more of you than other trader schemes – and you’ll gain a lot from the process.
Aboutus Icons And More TT Hat Stand out from the rest We don’t endorse just anyone. Your standards must meet ours before you can display our logo on your quotes, marketing materials, workwear, vehicles and more.
Online Presence Reach more people online A strong online presence gets you noticed, so we’ll show you how to attract more people and convince them to choose you before you’ve even met them.
Genuine Reviews Display genuine reviews To give people confidence that you’re as good as your customers say you are, our moderators make sure every review posted on your profile page is genuine.
Code Of Conduct Work to a code of conduct This agreement makes it easier for you to do your best work and to settle disputes professionally via our team and the ombudsman services.
Resolve Complaints Get full access to Which? Access all our product reviews, plus our app, plus Which? magazine, plus our chat-based buying advice – usually £99 a year, your subscription will carry no charge.

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Traders! You know you’re good at what you do.

You put in the hours and you go above and beyond for your customers.

But how do you PROVE that? How do you stand out from the cowboys and rogue salesmen? 

Well, only the most reputable traders get the Which? Trusted Trader endorsement.

So when people see the Which? logo on your van, it’s a sure sign of trust and they know you’ll get the job done.

To become a Which Trusted Trader, businesses go through hours of vetting from our trading standards qualified team.

And, like an MOT, we’ll give you action points, designed to raise industry standards.  

Millions of people trust Which? because we’re the UK’s consumer champion, and passing our rigorous assessment shows everyone you mean business.

Once you're endorsed, you'll be added to the Which? Trusted Traders website with your own profile page to show off what you do and the customer's that love you.

You’ll also get access to an expert account manager who can help you keep your business booming.

And you can also use the Independent Dispute Resolution Service in the unlikely event that a client isn't happy.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to wear the Which? Trusted Trader badge with pride everywhere: on your uniform, your website, your socials, business cards - well maybe not everywhere.

So apply to become a Which Trusted Trader today. Get endorsed. Stand out. Mean business.

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How much?

The cost depends on the size of your business, which includes employees and subcontractors. We have an initial one-off payment which goes towards the cost of your assessment - we cover the rest. It’s non-refundable, so if you don’t pass or you decide not to join, we can’t give you the money back.


Additional discount may be available if a member of trade body - see list of partners here

Number of employees/subcontractors Assessment fee
Pay monthly
(Direct Debit - incl. Vat)
Pay annually
(Direct Debit - incl. Vat)
£64 £770
4-9 £83 £994
10-19 £110 £1,317
20 and over A higher rate applies, please call 029 2267 0040
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The process

From application to endorsement, it should take no longer than 30 working days…
1. Check your eligibility

Do a quick check to see if you can apply.

2. Pay the assessment fee

If you meet our eligibility criteria, apply and pay the assessment fee.

3. Provide documents

Check to see which documents we’ll need from you.

4. We run checks

Pass our financial health and credit checks, trading history checks and other background checks and we’ll book your assessment.

5. Get assessed

One of our trading standards professionals will start assessing your business, either face-to-face or remotely, within 14 working days of your application. They’ll need several recent customer references from you, plus your permission to contact those customers.

6. Final stage

You’ll receive an assessor report that outlines actions to complete before we can endorse you. We’ll also check your customer references. Once we’re satisfied all our conditions are met, a senior member of our team will endorse you as a Which? Trusted Trader.

Support for endorsed traders

Your account manager will help you make the most out of your endorsement, and our welcome pack contains everything you need to show customers you’re a Which? Trusted Trader. You’ll then be able to begin building a strong online profile on our website.

Start the process

Join online
Or call us on 029 2267 0040
Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm. Standard call rates apply.

What traders say

Our Which? accreditation reinforces our brand values of honesty, integrity, reliability, and teamwork. Mark Edwards, Managing Director, Timberwise Trusted Trader since 2016
The assessment process with Which? Trusted Traders was thorough and rigorous, ensuring that we met stringent criteria for competence, customer service and business practices. The assessment is not just a formality; it genuinely reflects the commitment of Which? Trusted Traders to promoting excellence and consumer confidence in our industry. The endorsement carries a weight that resonates with consumers, providing them with assurance and peace of mind when choosing a service or product. Taskforce Maintenance Ltd 28th Feb 24
Having the support from the Which? Trusted Trader Scheme helps promote us on a larger scale and gives people the security that we are part of a trusted scheme that promotes good quality workmanship, just like we do and we offer. The scheme offers continued support through an assigned rep that you can contact and also helps resolve disputes should they arise. This sets you apart from the rest - as its a scheme for life, not just for the moment. Regal Kitchens 5th Feb 24
The assessment was harder than I thought it would be, but also eye-opening. I actually learned quite a bit through the process. The business has gone from strength to strength; I couldn’t imagine not having Which? behind us now. It sets you apart from the rest. People trust Which? and by us being in their scheme, it means they trust us from the get-go. Monsta Windows 12th Jan 24
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Common questions

Am I eligible?

To be able to apply, you’ll need to:

  • be based in the UK and be eligible to work in the country
  • work as a trader in:
    • the consumer home improvement industry
    • the motor servicing or motor repairs industries
    • the repair or installation of white goods and ovens
    • the repair of portable electrical equipment.

You can’t apply if:

  • your business has been operating for less than six months
  • you sell door-to-door
  • you have an active County Court Judgement – or one that is less than two years old
  • anyone involved in running the business:
    • has any unspent criminal convictions
    • has ever been declared bankrupt
    • has ever run a business that has become insolvent in the past 3 years or have had a number of companies that have become insolvent
    • has a history of dissolving multiple companies
  • we discover anything in the public domain that we would consider a risk to the reputation of our brand.

What is your Code of Conduct?

Our code of conduct sets out what we expect from the traders we endorse, and helps to protect consumers. All the traders on the scheme sign up to our code of conduct. You can read it here.

What does the assessment process involve?

Our standard assessment process includes a credit report, customer reference checks and a visit from a Which? Trusted Traders trading standards professional. The assessor will come to your premises to interview you. It usually takes about 90 minutes. During the visit, you’ll be assessed on your business processes, documents, staff, and complaints procedures. Your assessor will make sure you understand and commit to our code of conduct. We will also seek feedback from a selection of your most recent customers, from whom you will need to gain permission.

Your assessor will usually give you some actions, which you’ll need to complete before you join the scheme. This might include things like amending your paperwork, adding our complaints procedure to your website, and sending us any subcontractor information.

We regularly monitor our traders to ensure they continue to meet the requirements and high standards of the scheme.

One of our assessors may need to re-visit your premises. If we need to do so (other than as part of our regular re-assessment process) for reasons such as a failure to continue to comply with the requirements of the scheme, including the Code of Conduct; changes to your business including a change to or expansion of your services or a change of ownership; or you are not replying to our correspondence, we may charge you a fee for such visit. The current fee for such visits is set out under the costs section of these FAQs.

What documents do you need from me?

Once you’ve applied and paid the assessment fee, within 48 hours you’ll need to send us:

  • Your full public liability insurance policy schedule
  • An example quote – with customer details removed
  • An example invoice – with customer details removed
  • A copy of your photo ID
  • A utility bill that shows your address – you can either send an online bill, or a photo or a scanned copy of a paper bill
  • Any terms and conditions, if you have them
  • A Valid DBS certificate for the Controlling Mind of the business or confirmation that you will apply for one as part of the application

NOTE - A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, was previously known as the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

Once we’ve got these, we’ll set up a date and time for your business assessment. The type of assessment you’ll get depends on the size and type of your business. The target deadline from application to endorsement is 30 working days.

How long before I get endorsed?

We aim to get you endorsed within 30 days of applying to join the scheme. But this depends on how quickly you can send us the documents we need, and the dates you’re available for our assessor to visit you.

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