What is Which? Trusted Trader of the Year?

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Which? Trusted Trader of the Year is an award to recognise and acknowledge a company's achievements in consumer care, the service they provide, as well as the engagement they have with the Which? Trusted Trader Scheme, and how they meet our high standards.

The Trader of the Year award is one of many Which? awards - an annual awards ceremony that takes place in London. It consists of many big brands receiving an accolade in regards to their best practice for consumers, and varies across businesses and products, from banks to home entertainment brands. Winners from 2023 included Google, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Richer Sounds and Jet2, as well as the winner of Trusted Trader of the Year - Vantage Windows and Doors

Unlike some industry awards, a company cannot put itself forward for a Which? award. Only the very best of the best are shortlisted – there is no quota.

Therefore it’s an excellent achievement to be shortlisted for this prestigious award, and to win it demonstrates how the company has gone above and beyond to be recognised as winners by the judging panel.

All nominated businesses are invited to attend the Which? awards in person, to help recognise the contribution towards reducing consumer detriment no matter the industry, and celebrate the winner in their category.

For Trusted Trader of the Year, the winning company receives the licence to use the specified Trusted Trader of the Year logo for the next 12 months, as well as having an article written about them on our site, and their win shared across all of our socials including Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as Which?s LinkedIn and Instagram pages to celebrate their achievement.  

As a business can not apply to win the Which? awards, all companies undergo rounds of independent panel judging to ensure they are assessed fairly.  

Next steps

The first step to becoming crowned as Trader of the Year is to apply for Trader of the Month, which you can do so long as you've been endorsed with us for 6 months. 

If you win Trader of the Month, and continue to meet our scheme requirements, you will be automatically entered for Trader of the Year for the following year! More information on how to apply for Trader of the Month is here

You can find our list of past Trader of the Month winners here, and Trader of the Year winners here

Your company may also be considered if you haven't won Trader of the Month, but meets a level of criteria that is deemed eligible for the award, including compliance with the Trusted Traders scheme. This criteria is set by the independent panel of judges.

If you haven't already, please speak to your Account Manager about how to apply.

Quotes from winners

“When we started out, the big players all thought we were mad, that you couldn't do double-glazing like that, as a small independent. This award shows that you can. It makes it all worth it - all the effort we put in, all those times we went the extra mile, it was all worth it” Homeglaze Home Improvement - 2017 TOTY winners

It's been just over a week since we won the award for the Which? Trusted Trader of the year and we still beaming! This is a huge achievement which we are all exceptionally proud of. The award will have pride of place in our Head Office Reception for everyone to see! Feel free to come and have a look! This is down to our staff, and to our customers who have said we've done something well, which as a trader is absolutely brilliant.' Tincknell Heating - 2018 TOTY winner

“We joined Which? Trusted Traders back in June 2017 and haven’t looked back. I quickly realised how we could market ourselves and show the value of the endorsement. We now have premises in the south of Glasgow and are continuing to grow. But I could never have imagined winning Which? Trusted Trader of the Year, being mentioned in the House of Commons and congratulated by the First Minister of Scotland!” Splash of Colour Limited - 2020 TOTY winner

“We encourage all Trusted Traders to persevere through the challenges that come along as it's well worth the effort. In a competitive marketplace such as ours, it's wonderful to be able to differentiate yourself based upon the experience you can provide your customers. We believe that the Which? Trusted Trader scheme goes hand in hand with this philosophy, so we would advocate absorbing it into the very core of what you do – whichever industry you are in. We are so proud to have been honoured with this award. We understand the importance of the title, and we will do our utmost to ensure we are worthy winners and continue to represent Which? Trusted Traders in the best way possible.’ Finesse Windows Limited - 2021 TOTY winner

We are absolutely thrilled to have won this award – it’s a huge achievement for a husband-and-wife microbusiness in a small Huddersfield village. To be recognised for our quality of work, customer service and community engagement makes us very proud. We are very thankful to our loyal customers and the lovely, verified reviews that they’ve left on the Which? Trusted Traders website.’“ Inspiration Computers - 2022 TOTY winners