How to use the Which? Trusted Traders logo

How To Use The Which Trusted Traders Logo In this article

One of the biggest benefits of being a Which? Trusted Trader is being able to show off the Trusted Trader logo.

This lets customers know that you’ve passed our rigorous assessment process, including background checks, references and a financial health check, and gives them confidence in the standard of your services.

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How to showcase the logo

Not everybody makes it through the accreditation process. So if you've managed to become a Which? Trusted Trader, it's worth shouting about. These are the most popular ways that our traders use the logo.

Before you read on, please bear in mind that:

  • the icon must be used in its original colours – you shouldn’t change them to match your own branding
  • you shouldn’t alter or modify the logo – don’t stretch it, change the shape, switch the direction of the arrow or customise it in any way.

Business websites

If you have a website, you can make a great first impression on your visitors by adding the Trusted Traders logo to key pages.

Traders often use it on their homepage banner, in the website footer, or in the 'About us' section of their site.


  • to make sure it’s big enough so that customers can clearly read the writing – at least 105 x 85 pixels
  • you can link the image to the Trusted Traders homepage or to your profile page on our site.

Business vehicles

As part of your welcome pack, you'll receive a set of logo stickers that you can use on your cars, vans or lorries.

You'll get more stickers when your endorsement renews every year, and you can contact your account manager any time you need a top-up.


Adding the logo to your business uniform means customers can clearly see that you’re a Trusted Trader when you visit their properties to give quotes or carry out work.

We often see the logo on T-shirts, jumpers, jackets and even trousers.

Social media

If your business has a social media account, you can add the Trusted Trader logo to your cover image and use it in your posts.

We share pictures of how our traders are using the logo on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so these are good places to get inspiration.

Printed marketing and signs

You can also use the logo on any leaflets and brochures that you hand out to potential customers.

We’ve also seen it displayed on banners, advertising and shop signage. Traders have even added the logo to their invoices, beer mats and F1 simulators.

Are you using the logo in an innovative way?

Share your pictures with us on social media by tagging our accounts in your post.

And remember to tell us about how you’re using the logo when you’re applying for Trusted Trader of the Month.

Only Which? Trusted Traders can use the logo

Only currently endorsed traders can use the logo. If you leave the scheme, you must stop using it.