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Since the explosion of the internet and social media, reviews have become an essential tool in a trader’s toolkit to help attract new business and maintain loyal customers. Reviews help with everything from improving brand reputation, generating and converting leads, through to building customer loyalty and showcasing your business as a great choice in your local area. We take a look at five tried and tested ways to help increase the number of customers leaving a review on your Which? Trusted Traders profile.


1. Ensure your logo is visible

These days it’s common for savvy potential customers to engage with your services and proceed with a quote after doing some research. Visiting your website, social media and even searching on the Which? Trusted Trader business finder are all common actions a customer may take in their research. Incorporating the Which? Trusted Trader logo into all of your marketing and promotional materials across these channels will help you stand out to customers, and when it's time to think about leaving a review, it will be a familiar prompt. We find the most effective places to display the Which? Trusted Trader logo are towards the top of the website homepage; banner profile pictures on social media platforms; all documentation such as quotes; and crucially on vehicles and uniforms. Also, have you added the exclusive review widget to your website?


2. Leave people with a good impression

When dealing with customers, approachability and friendliness of your workforce can be the difference between a mediocre review and a fantastic one. Of course, the standard of work has to be up to scratch as well, but going that extra mile will encourage customers to take the time to praise your services. Ensuring your staff take the time to be polite and do the little things, like smile when the customer opens the door, can set you apart from your competition. It could even be simply explaining how proud you are to be endorsed as a Which? Trusted Trader. After surveying nearly 4,000 people*, we found that the most popular reason for reviewing a trader was receiving a very good service.


3. Encourage and educate

As a business owner or decisionmaker, you are quite rightly proud and knowledgeable about the Which? Trusted Trader endorsement. Taking time to incorporate a section about Which? Trusted Traders into your internal team training, induction or continual professional development can have tremendous benefits on improving the customer's journey to leaving a review. Encourage staff to mention your endorsement and ask for a review if you know the customer had a good experience. 

4. Ask for a review

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it can be easy for a customer to forget to leave a review, but giving them a gentle reminder can be really effective. In a 2019 survey of  Which? Trusted Traders, half of the respondents said the most successful method of encouraging a customer to leave a review was asking verbally at the end of a job. A great way to ensure this happens is to encourage your team to do the same, and reward staff for their efforts. For instance, you may want to praise a team member with most reviews obtained each month with a gift voucher. It's important to remember that there is no pressure or incentive placed on the customer, such as offering cash for reviews, as this goes against Which?’s Code of Conduct. Handing over your Which? Trusted Traders review leaflets that give instructions on how to leave a review isa brilliant way to end each job.


5. Always follow up

Once the work is complete, it's important that you follow up with an email or call to check in with your customers to see if they are happy with the service and work undertaken. This gives you an opportunity to resolve any snags, but it's also another excellent time to once again ask for a review. Following up via email with a link to your Which? Trusted Traders profile is a fantastic way to guide your happy customers to leaving a review. Have a customer that’s not very tech savvy? Let your customers know they can also call us to leave the review - steps on how to do this are on the review leaflets. 

Once a customer has left a review on your profile, don't forget you have the ability to reply. Thanking them for taking their time to write a review and for their kind words are useful in building customer loyalty and repeat business.


How can customers leave a review with Which?

There are two ways customers can review you:

  • Via the website. All customers have to do is find your profile on our site. You can send them a link directly to your profile, give them a QR code to scan or they can search for you using the ‘Leave a review’ link in the top-right corner of the home page.
  • Phone us on 029 2267 0040 and our friendly team will even have a chat with your customers if they would like to.

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions or further advice on 029 2267 0040.

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