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With an endorsement from Which? Trusted Traders, you’re even more likely to stand out from the rest and boost your business. Access Training members get 50% off the monthly membership fee for the first six months
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Which? Trusted Traders has teamed up with Access Training to help you get more recognition in the market. Customers already know and trust your business. With our endorsement, they'll have the added assurance that your business procedures have also been vetted and you're committed to customer service. 


Please note that Which? Trusted Traders are in partnership with Access Training and they do not hold an endorsement from Which?. All members of Access Training must apply and pass our assessment process before becoming a Which? Trusted Trader.

Code Of Conduct Be rigorously assessed With its comprehensive financial, behavioural, competency and reference checks, our assessment asks more of you than other trader schemes – and you’ll gain a lot from the process.
Which Hat Logo Stand out from the rest We don’t endorse just anyone. Your standards must meet ours before you can display our logo on your quotes, marketing materials, workwear, vehicles and more.
Online Presence Reach more people online A strong online presence gets you noticed, so we’ll show you how to attract more people and convince them to choose you before you’ve even met them.
Genuine Reviews Display genuine reviews To give people confidence that you’re as good as your customers say you are, our moderators make sure every review posted on your profile page is genuine.
Code Of Conduct Work to a code of conduct This agreement makes it easier for you to do your best work and to settle disputes professionally via our team and the ombudsman services.
Resolve Complaints Get full access to Which? Access all our product reviews, plus our app, plus Which? magazine, plus our chat-based buying advice – usually £99 a year, your subscription will carry no charge.
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The process

From application to endorsement, it should take no longer than 30 working days...
1. Check your eligibility

Do a quick check to see if you can apply.

2. Pay the assessment fee

If you meet our eligibility criteria, apply and pay the assessment fee. However if you are endorsed within 30 days, you will get a refund. 

3. Provide documents

Check to see which documents we’ll need from you.

4. We run checks

Pass our financial health and credit checks, trading history checks and other background checks and we’ll book your assessment.

5. Get assessed

One of our trading standards professionals will start assessing your business, either face-to-face or remotely, within 14 working days of your application. They’ll need several recent customer references from you, plus your permission to contact those customers.

6. Final stage

You’ll receive an assessor report that outlines actions to complete before we can endorse you. We’ll also check your customer references. Once we’re satisfied all our conditions are met, a senior member of our team will endorse you as a Which? Trusted Trader.

Support for endorsed traders

Your account manager will help you make the most out of your endorsement, and our welcome pack contains everything you need to show customers you’re a Which? Trusted Trader. You’ll then be able to begin building a strong online profile on our website.

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How much?

The cost depends on the size of your business. We have an initial one-off payment which goes towards the cost of your assessment - we cover the rest. It’s non-refundable, so if you don’t pass or you decide not to join, we can’t give you the money back.

Number of employees Assessment fee
Pay monthly
(Direct Debit - incl. Vat)
Pay annually
(Direct Debit - incl. Vat)
£64 £770
4-9 £83 £994
10-19 £110 £1,317
20 and over A higher rate applies, please call 029 2267 0040

What businesses say

Our Which? accreditation reinforces our brand values of honesty, integrity, reliability, and teamwork. Mark Edwards, Managing Director, Timberwise Trusted Trader since 2016
We like the kudos of the Which? branding. In a world of numerous trade platforms we find that Which? Trusted Traders stands out and is a guarantee that the trader will comply with codes of conduct. We get 2-3 genuine leads per month from customers who are after a quality job. Bulldog Electrical (TM) 15 March 2023
Which? is the most trusted name in the industry and has been for decades - customers know that if a company has been endorsed by Which?, that they have a ‘gold standard’ of expectation. The endorsement process is rigorous but most definitely worth it. Regal Kitchens Ltd 23 Feb 2023
Most people don’t care about boilers unless they need one and most people haven’t heard of us. When they ask “How can I trust you?” I immediately say “Because I’m a Which? Trusted Traders Approved Service”. That kickstarts the conversation. Heatable
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Common questions

What makes Which? Trusted Traders different?

Unlike other schemes, we do more than just check references and qualifications. Every business that applies is interviewed by an experienced trading standards professional  to make sure that they meet our high standards. So, when customers see the Which? Trusted Traders logo, they know they’re using a trader that they can count on.

How long does it take to get endorsed?

We aim to get you endorsed within 30 days of applying to join the scheme. But this depends on how quickly you can send us the documents we need, and the dates you’re available for our assessor to visit you.

What is your Code of Conduct?

Our code of conduct sets out what we expect from the traders we endorse, and helps to protect consumers. All the traders on the scheme sign up to our code of conduct. You can read it here.

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